Public Murals

2021 | Color Outside the Lines: The Belonging Series | Goat Blocks, Portland, Oregon

Latex on wooden panel. 8'x8'. Each artist picked someone from history that has made an impact on their sense of cultural belonging in their community. As an asian-american woman from Hawaii, I picked Patsy T. Mink to honor in my mural. To read more about the project please visit: Color Outside the Lines

2021 | Google Corporate Office | Portland, Oregon

Acrylic on drywall. 16'x8'. Painted on-site during construction of Google's new offices in downtown Portland.

There are hidden "easter eggs" throughout the painting including Timberline Lodge, lots of different people hiking in and enjoying wildflowers. The word "GOOGLE" is subtly written in the wildflowers as well. Can you spot them? I was 7mo pregnant for this install and even signed my name with a little pregnant artist :)

2019 | Color Outside the Lines: The Unity Project | Portland, Oregon

aon wooden panel. 4'x8'. Creative collaboration with local foster youth around the idea of what Unity means. To read more about the project please see: Color Outside the Lines

2018 | Kenton Hotel: Crater Lake Suite | Portland, Oregon

acrylic on drywall. 10'x10' mural featuring Crater Lake.